Photograph of James W McNab

This is the website of James William McNab,
a web developer & designer from York, UK

About Me

My name is James William McNab and I am a web developer & designer. Originally from York, I studied at Sheffield Hallam University and graduated with a First-class Honours degree in Computer Networks.

I create unique and interesting websites, web applications and brand indentities primarily online but also through print and other mediums.

I have a strong interest in web standards and good coding practices, which I apply through my in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP as well as jQuery and SQL.

I work for a company in the telecoms industry, developing web solutions and creating branding materials to support our cutting-edge mobile voice and data solutions.

As well as sitting in front of a computer, I do the odd bit of photography, occasional games of tennis and practising my juggling & bar flair technique s, as well as many other things.



Brochure sites, web applications and fully content managed websites.


Business cards, posters, flyers and business stationary.


Clothing, drinkware and accessories.


I'm not currently available for work, but if you just want to get in touch; please use the methods below.

on request


Curriculum Vitae

In a way, this site serves as my CV online.
However if you would like the more formal version, please contact me.